Fun Raiser

Unfortunately for “regular folks,” but fortunately for Mr. Obama, tickets for the fundraiser at Second City are $750. But then, if you’ve ever purchased tickets for a regular Second City show and bought two drinks and some cheese fries, you’ve probably paid that much. Bam! Hey-o!

Yesterday on TLC they aired the episode of “Home Made Simple” where the backstage area was “made-over.” The show actually made it look like more was done than actually was. I’m sure it’s going to air a few times if you want to look for it. My favorite thing while I was watching it was to try to see if I could read some of the quotes on the walls, knowing that many of them are not TV-appropriate. Most of them were impossible to read if you didn’t already know what they said, but I could clearly read “There’s a tumor in your dumper” behind the woman who was teaching Amber how to use a drill.

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