Gags and Swag

We just finished up our first week of rehearsals for the new show. So far we’ve put a few new scenes in the show, but all are still very loose and improvised. This weekend we’ll be rotating different scenes into those slots. I think it’s quite a challenge to more or less improvise a scene that the audience doesn’t know is improvised; chances are it’s going to be a little sloppy and repetitive, but if you can get a good reaction with the general premise and a few funny lines, chances are you’ve got the beginnings of a strong scene. So far the scenes we’ve tried out are Smoking, Cry, and Reading, and tonight we’re trying Medical Actors.

I watched the Golden Globes on Monday (thank you Hollywood Foreign Press for validating my love of Grey’s Anatomy, and thank you Isaiah Washington for your unquenchable urge to say the word “faggot”), the highlight of which was Arnold Schwarzenegger reading the list of best picture nominees. “Babel. Bobby…” With awards season starting, play the game I do where I count how many news stories pop up about celebrity gift bags. A $35,000 ruby-encrusted Palm Treo! Just what Joaquin Phoenix wanted!

  •  Anonymous

    All Right, Im trying to word this delicately becuase I dont want to give off the whole “creep vibe”, however I’m afraid that by starting this post off with that, I have indeed fallen into the “creep” category. Anyways I just recently saw you in Second City and thought you were absolutely hilarious. I’ve been a huge fan of Second City and improvisation for quite some time now and thought the show “War” was hysterical. Second City is something that I really really want to pursue. I was wondering if you could give me any advice on getting started in improv or becoming involved in Second City. Thanks!
    Katie O’Brien

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    The Golden Globes are a total SHAM!