George Clooney, bring us home!

As I’m writing this, things have calmed down considerably on the good ‘ol Norwegian Dawn, but allow me to take you back to yesterday evening. It had been a fairly rough sea day, but nothing too out of the ordinary for this leg of the trip. As the day went on, it got rougher. We went up to Spinnaker to get ready for our improv show, and started hitting waves so big we could see them out the deck 12 windows. Things were falling over: glassed, liquor bottles, speakers, drums, people…very exciting. We did our show, though to a much smaller crowd than usual, and I was actually relieved to be doing the show because it took my mind off the motion. I didn’t get seasick really, but I felt generally uneasy.

We finished our show and went up to Star Bar during the break before Liars Club, since Star Bar is mid-ship and generally less turbulent than Spinnaker, at the front of the ship. Lots more shattered glasses. Now, keep in mind that this week has already been a bit of a mess; there was an itinerary change so that we could get to New York by 5am on Sunday to accomodate a special event. Understandably, passengers were unhappy about that, plus the fact that they had to go through a long immigration procedure in Miami. So even though the weather is out of anyone’s control, it definitely led to more frustration. To help placate, last night and tonight they’re having open bars starting at 5pm.

And then the final punchline is that we now won’t get in to NY until Monday. Last night a wave hit deck 9 and broke some cabin windows and flooded much of the floor. A few people were hurt, but nothing serious – more scared than anything else I’m guessing, waking up to the sound of shattering glass and feeling water all over. So now we’re on our way to Charleston, SC to repair the damage. The two crew jacuzzis in the front of deck 8 were completely destroyed, but I don’t think anyone’s as concerned about their repair at this time. But there are chunks of fiberglass laying all over. I think if you go to the bridge cam on the NCL website ( – click “fleet” and then “Dawn” and the “Bridge cam”) you may be able to see what’s left of them.

Things have calmed down now, as we head in toward land. I’ll have some business to take care of when we get to port, since Rich is supposed to be coming to meet the ship in NY tomorrow, but hopefully he can change his flight and everything will be ok. And hopefully the rest of our trip up to NY will be a little calmer. Last night we were rolling so much that my bed slid a foot away from the wall. And at 8am two security guards came in to close my porthole (along with everyone else’s) so prevent further window damage and flooding. It’s been a nutty 24 hours.

On a brighter note, a very happy belated birthday to my mom and to Heidi. May your seas always be calm.

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