Growing Pains

I’m happy to report that we have our new TV and there was no ordeal involved. I know, I’m as stunned as you are. Having our new TV prompted us to take a trip to IKEA on Monday, as we needed a new entertainment center of some sort to hold our various components (DVD, Tuner, CD player, VCR, XBox, Phonograph, Atari 2600, etc.). We also needed some sort of kitchen storage shelf and some speaker stands. So off we headed to lovely Schaumburg, happy to be free of the weekend shopping bustle and general craziness. We were not prepared for the very mature discovery that lay ahead inside the enormous revolving doors of IKEA: we have outgrown this place. Currently, I can count on one finger the number of real wood, as opposed to particle board, pieces of furniture we own. Looking at one “birch effect” shelf after another, Rich and I realized that now that we’re homeowners and in our 30’s (youch!), it’s time to stop living like we’re in a dorm. Which isn’t to say we left IKEA empty handed. We did buy an end table for our living room that matches our coffee table…which is from IKEA and is particle board but is somehow a lot nicer than the other stuff. And it will allow us to replace a different, much less desirable end table. We also bought some speaker stands and some wooden hangers (and $2.99 for 8, how can you not?). And some trivets, for the one time of year that we take hot things out of the oven and need a place to set them down.

So it wasn’t a wasted trip; come to think of it, even if hadn’t bought anything it wouldn’t have been wasted, because we made an important decision and reached a bit of a milestone, I think.

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