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Hey…….it’s Andy on Molly’s “blog”. Whose really reading this is my question? Outside of my mom and Kelly Leonard (hi mom, not you Kelly). Tonight i made up a drink called the VAN DYKE BROWN. You’ve guys have heard of the famous artist known as Bob Ross right? The white guy with the afro. Anyway, he would use different colors that would make up his painting and the color i remember is “van dyke brown”. The entire cruise i’ve been trying to use VDB as different names or what nots to find a home for “VDB”. Eventually Sue’s brother and I were talking (Vinny is his name, but Katie, his wife, whose on the VDB board of experts) and we decided that VDB would be a great drink name. Well, as you can tell we decided that VDB is what we would just start ordering and then whatever was given to us we would call a VDB. What’s in a VDB you ask…..well i’ll tell you. These are the ingredients (spelling doesn’t count on this thing…..just go with it) :

– Amerito
-Sloe Gin
-Triple Sec
-Splash of coke (thank you Marcus. Marcus is dancer with the Jean Ryan Company)

That’s the drink. It’s easy and made for kids. It tastes like a cherry coke. The best part is that other random people (Lala – a nice pretty Brooklyn school teacher starter ordering the drink) just started getting the drink. She wants me to start a VDB “blog”. Which i won’t do. But it’s the thought that counts.

Now you can continue to read this boring blog. IF I were you i’d go to and find out what happenned in this day of sports but maybe that’s just me. I love you mom.


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