Guten tag

It’s Caribbean Night on board, and that seems to mean more than it has before. The guests this cruise tend to be in much more of a partying mood than in the past; it’s a new experience to be walking around at 11 at night and still see lots of people around. We just finished up a card game next to a table of 14-year-olds playing poker. Teach ’em young, I say.

Yesterday we were in Antigua, and I stayed on the ship and relaxed. Today we were in St. Maarten, for only the second time, and 5 of us went to a beach while Brian tried his hand at scuba for the first time. It’s been cloudy this cruise, but it’s actually kind of nice because you avoid the feeling of the sun searing your flesh. I know to those of you in places that are actually experiencing winter right now, that sounds pretty good.

Tomorrow is our final Caribbean destination, Tortola. It’s really beautiful, but we’re only there until 1pm. I’ve done a couple of fun things there, so I won’t feel to bad if I sleep through the majority of our stay. Tomorrow and Friday are our busy days: Liar’s Club, workshops, and an improv show.

At the beginning of this cruise we all decided on a task to achieve by the last day. I put some German language CD’s on my ipod before I left, so I decided mine was to actually listen to them and be able to show something for it (count to ten, say a sentence or two, whatever). So far, I have done nothing, but I still have a couple of days. Nein!

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