Haben Sie noch ein Ei?

That means “Do you have another egg?”. I can’t wait to use that one.

My German is coming along, at least as much as I could expect it to after about 2 1/2 hours of study. I took French from the time I was in preschool through my first semester of college (when I realized that I pretty much knew all the French I was going to learn without actually spending time in France). That same semester, I took Italian, which is similar to French in many ways, so it was pretty easy for me to pick up. German is very different, and even though it’s structured similarly to English in terms of syntax, I’m not finding it very intuitive. Regardless, it’s a fun task to take on and it makes me feel productive.

It’s 11:30 on Friday night, and I’ll admit it, I’m feeling a little homesick. I’d like to say to all of you back home, whether that’s Chicago or Dallas or Boston or wherever, I miss you.

Gute nacht.

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