Happy Labor Day!

We did it everyone. It’s Labor Day. I assume that since today is the official unofficial last day of summer, tomorrow will bring loads of new projects that people have been waiting all summer to start, and I will be auditioning for all of them. Right? Right???

I am lucky enough on the holiday to be heading to a party at a friend’s place…or rather, Party Part II, The Partying. She had people over yesterday and had so much food left over that she has called everyone back today to finish what they started.

As you are likely well aware, LA has been on fire for the past couple of weeks. It’s about 20 miles away from me, so while I’ve had a few days of living in a smoke plume, I’m far from any real danger. Last week I was listening to NPR (I mean, I’m always either reading literature or listening to NPR) and a guy called in bemoaning the fact that LA never gets any hurricanes or their residual effects. Yes, what a shame. I mean, I know we could use more rain, but let’s be grateful that there’s one natural disaster we don’t experience, please? Aren’t the fires, earthquakes, and mudslides enough?

Speaking of mudslides, it’s time to go mix some cocktails for the party. Enjoy your day!

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