Happy Valentine’s Day!

Today we were in St. Thomas (for the last time), and as a group we decided to go into downtown, which we hadn’t done before. St. Thomas is known for its shopping, and some people wanted to buy cameras, which they successfully did. I went off by myself and walked around, and after a little delibertation decided to buy myself a gift and got a necklace I’d had my eye on. It rained off and on but wan’t too bad.

Tonight there’s a crew party in honor of Valentine’s Day, but it’t not until late so I have to keep myself busy to stay awake. I woke up early this morning because there was a huge vibration and accompanying noise as we pulled into port. We were in a different port than we usually come into, which hampered my plan to eat lunch at Wendy’s today, but it’s probably just as well since I satisfied my McDonald’s craving in San Juan yesterday. Happy Meals know no language.

I’ve been reading the book Word Freak, which is about the world of competitive Scrabble. So, naturally, I’ve been itching to play. Yesterday I found a Scrabble-like game and downloaded it, and I have a feeling it’s going to become a new obsession. At least it keeps me off the streets.

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