Heading north again

It’s hard to believe our second cruise is wrapping up – but oddly, strange that it’s been two full cruises and at the same time strange that it’s only been two. Time is weird here.

Yesterday Brian and I got up at the crack of dawn to go on a snorkeling excursion on Tortola. I’m always a little freaked out when I first start snorkeling, but it didn’t take long to get comfortable. We saw some great stuff – colorful fish, coral, and even a turtle. It was the first time I snorkeled off a boat rather than a beach.

We had an improv show last night, which was a lot of fun and better than the one we did last cruise. We have to hold microphones for that show, since it’s in a lounge rather than the theatre (where we have headset mics), so it’s a little awkward. We’re getting better at it though.

We experienced our first crew party last night. They had a late-night barbecue and had free drinks at the pool bar. It was fun, but very windy. There are about 1000 crew members here, so it’s always overwhelming at crew events and even in the crew bar at night. We tend to feel very separate from everyone else, but we’re gradually meeting some great people and breaking out of our bubble.

Yesterday we had a workshop and did another Liar’s Club, and we’ll do the same today. Basically, our work on the ship acts like cruise bookends. Passengers need the most activity when we’re at sea (as opposed to a port), so our events tend to be well-attended. And with that, I’m off to go teach!

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