Hello, hello.

Where does the time go? I’m back from Phoenix and two nights of eating cookie dough blasts and junior banana splits. That was a lot of sugar, even by my standards. Those of you who know me well will be shocked to know that I haven’t been able to eat anything sweet since Tuesday night. Hopefully this is only a temporary condition.

So I got back to the ship Wednesday afternoon, in time for our tech rehearsal and shows that night. I was operating on very little sleep, but still stayed out late with the cast afterwards. At this point I’m trying to take advantage of our remaining time here and enjoy the fact that we have so little responsibility other than a few shows and a few workshops. Granted, the new job I’ll be starting when I get back isn’t exactly factory work, but working six nights a week will definitely be an adjustment.

Yesterday (Thursday) was private island day. Kevin’s friend Matt is visiting, and I joined them and Andy over on the island. We walked down a trail that lead to, well, hurricane destruction, as far as I can tell. Parts of structures, a lot of rusted metal parts, but we left before any of us accidently did anything that would require a tetanus shot. While I did put on some sunblock, I’m getting a little cocky about the sun, thinking that at this point my arms couldn’t possibly get sunburned. Incorrect! But aren’t I cute for thinking that?

I’ll be gone again for the first couple of days of next week, doing a radio spot in New York. I’m looking forward to coming back afterwards, not only because there’s so little time left, but also because this Sunday marks the return of Colin the Cruise Director! It will be great to have him back.

Have a lovely weekend, Erdmaniacs.

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