Hey nerds

Did I do it? Do I have an RSS feed now?

Breaking news…I am being flown back to Chicago next Friday to do some scenes from our Second City show for a fundraiser for Barack Obama, and Mr. Obama himself will be there. Details to follow.

  • Paulie

    Sweet! This Nerd whole heartedly approves!! See the “Atom” link below the Blogger image in your right navigation area at the bottom? That’s it!! Good job!! Thank you!!

  • Brandon

    I’ll for sure be bookmarking this page and adding you to my links on my blog. I saw you perform at Second City almost three years ago for Red Scare, and thought you were great. Just happened to stumble on your blog a few minutes ago.

    Good luck in LA!

  • mcm

    Woo! RSS Feed! (Thank you.) Woo! Obama! Will average joes like myself be able to get tickets? (Of course, they will probably be beyond my price range, but would like to try!…) Glad to hear all’s going well – and FYI, now that it’s out that I know you, people keep talking to me about the Sonic commercial. Rock on!

  •  Anonymous

    Dear Molly, My wife asked me to stop using my shirt as a napkin. I thought you should know. Thanks in advance.

    Your biggest fan,