Ho Hum

Claudia and I shot a new Sonic spot this past week, as well as some stuff for Sonic’s website. So look out! In other somewhat exciting news, my face and three of my words briefly appear in The Goods. It’s in the last 20 minutes or so, at the car dealership with Tony Hale. I’m not kidding when I say briefly. Wednesday I shot a test spot for Pillsbury, which means it may not air. We’ll see.

Those things make me sound busy, but rest assured I’m not. I watch a lot of HGTV these days, and I drink a lot of Crystal Light pink lemonade. But I figure I can keep up this pace until after Labor Day, right?

  • Patrick

    I just saw The Goods today and thought “Was that Molly?”. So I stayed through the credits to confirm it. Rest assured, some of us noticed :-)