Home on the Range

So the Texas Rangers are in the World Series. This is a confusing time for me. In high school I was a huge Rangers fan. My dad had weekend season tickets and I spent a good amount of time for a few summer in a row eating ice cream out of plastic helmets and learning generic things to yell like “make him pitch to you!” This is when I developed my well-established crush on 3rd baseman Steve Buechele, whom I later named a cat after and met at last year’s Rangers spring training.

I make no claims that I’ve been a loyal Rangers fan all these years. There are two teams that I have any shot at all of being able to name their starting line-up: the Dodgers, because I went to 21 of their games last year, and the Yankees, who are my boyfriend Joe’s team of choice, which is putting it lightly. The Yankees are also the reason I went to 21 Dodger games, since we had to buy a package to get tickets to the Yankee/Dodger series, of which we went to all three games. It’s pretty serious.

Now, Joe happened to be out of town during the Yankees/Rangers playoff series, so I felt safe rooting for the Rangers. But the real reason I was/am rooting for them has more to do with the fact that it’s just plain exciting for them to make it this far. It’s not that I’m a fair-weather fan so much as that I’m a sentimental fan. If Joe had been around during that series, I would have rooted for the Yankees, because it’s in my best interest for him to be happy. And when it comes to the Yankees, it’s not so much that he’s happy when they win, it’s that he’s irate when they don’t.

The consolation to Yankee fans is that those Joe Girardi Taco Bell spots are still airing. I mean, those are cute, right? And isn’t that the real victory?

That’s all I’m going to say about this, because I’m already uncomfortable with the amount of sports I’ve talked about. So…who here likes unicorns?

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