How to make a better ransom note

It’s a rainy and rocky day on the ship today, but the motion really isn’t bothering me that much anymore. Plus, it provides a good excuse not to go to the gym. Dangerous!

Today I went to a lecture on handwriting analysis. On every cruise there are one or two people on board who do lectures on specialized things like how to sell items on Ebay, or, seriously, pet CPR. So today I learned that you can tell when someone’s lying by the way they write, unless they’re a good liar, and really, aren’t those the ones that are the most dangerous? I also learned from my own handwriting that I am shy because of my margins, but outgoing because of my writing speed. Hmm.

Not much else to report, but if anyone would like to send me a handwriting sample, I’d be happy to tell you what kind of person you are.

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