I don’t fit the part.

Here’s another post that makes me sound like an old lady, but how hard is it to find a shoe store where the salespeople actually know anything about shoes? I’ve been playing tennis recently – because sometimes I find that hiking and yoga just isn’t L.A. enough – and found that my usual running shoes were no good for it. So I went to my local mall and visited 5 shoe stores, all of which had loud hip hop music playing and were full of what I call “vanity sneakers.” Pumas, Converse, all the cool things the kids are wearing these days. And all of these stores were specifically aimed at sports shoes – Foot Locker, Champs, etc. And here’s how it went down at Lady Foot Locker:

Timid Employee: Can I help you find a shoe?
Me: I’m looking for a tennis shoe. Like a shoe to actually play tennis in.
TE: Oh…I don’t really know anything about tennis shoes. But I know about walking and running shoes.
Me: I don’t need walking or running shoes.
TE: Oh…

So I went home and ordered some Adidas tennis shoes online. And I wore them today and they are great. So there, dummies!

In Hollywood news, last week I auditioned for a part on the sitcom “How I Met Your Mother.” At this point I had figured I didn’t get it, but sitting home tonight watching Access Hollywood, I found out who did. Drumroll please….Britney Spears.

  • http://spongmental.comrel=nofollow Brian

    What a sad commentary on our times…

  • Becky..AMHW

    Britney could have just as easily been the Lady Foot Locker employee…

  • Ace

    You know where you went wrong with the audition? No partially shaved head and no faux British accent.

  • Nigel

    Well you ended up making a good selection…

    BTW, digging your hair in that new Sonic Java Chip commercial!

  •  Chidester

    You know where you can find great tennis show?


    PS – I love you.

  •  Anonymous

    I’ve found that real sporting goods stores (Academy, Big 5, etc.) tend to have better selections than most shoe-only stores, and are more focused on shoes for real athletic use.


    In always the most inopportune times, we find out we live in a self serve world…I’m not even shocked any more…You want shoes, don’t expect to find someone working in a shoe store that actually knows something, please…They’re probably embezzling kicks from the store, and figure you’re mystery shopping them…

    Next time you’re in a smallish town, stop by the gas station and ask for simple directions…Watch the befuddlement start…

    Sorry about the audition, btw…

    Here’s to sanity!

  • Rafter

    Something tells me that the need for ratings out-weighed the acting requirement on that one.

    Don’t worry, when the rest of the world catches up, you’ll be the ratings grabber!

    Keep at it, hon.

  •  Anonymous

    You are so freaking hot. Love, shuke.

  •  Manhands

    My advice: play the tennis game on the Nintendo Wii and you won’t need tennis shoes. Come to think of it: you won’t need sunblock, court fees, errant cannonballs from the people in the next court or gas money to drive to said court.

    And you can do the McEnroe tantrums in the privacy of your living room:

    “Aw, c’mon! Are you kiddin’ me? You are THE worst umpire in the f-in’ universe!”

  • Aaron

    I agree with shuke.

  • superdave247

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  • superdave247

    hello molly, nice blog. this is off topic, but i wanted to tell you that i conducted a survey at the fire station (i’m a firefighter), and 8 out of 8 firefighters think you are really hot! smokin’! smolderin’! and on fire! britney has nothing on you. hope to see more of you on TV and film. break a leg! but not while playing tennis! dave =:o)

  • Bradenton Herald Sports

    Has anyone else noticed there’s a point in your life when you walk into The Gap and the salespeople give you that condescending look that tells you they think you’re waaaay too old to be shopping at The Gap? Is it just me who finds this incredibly annoying in a “Wow, have I suddenly become too old to shop at The Gap” sort of way?

    Love the Sonic commercials, Molly!

  • Jonathan

    well then u never had a chance.
    they were clearly looking for a psychotic trashy washed up pop singer.

    and u, molly erdman, seem too level-headed, beautiful, and classy to be any one of those things :)

  • TexasOGM

    Britney Spears
    Watching a little old lady walk down the street with her snippety poodle, and of the 400 lawns she passed, the dog relieves itself on YOUR freshly mowed lawn. Then, the lady strays off with the beast without picking anything up. While very annoying, there isn’t much you can do about it but shake your head in bewilderment.

  • provik

    You’re like waaaay hotter than Britney Spears. Mainly because brains and wits are way sexier than “whoops, doing it again”…