I missed you, slow internet!

We’re back! I hope everyone out there has had a lovely two weeks. We got back on board yesterday; we had to go through the same paperwork as we did when we first signed on in January, but it was a bit more organized and less mysterious this time around. Our director and pal Jim is on this week to help put in our new cast member, Andy, who has taken Joe’s place. Also joining us is our good friend John Lutz, enjoying a pleasure cruise and a very nice room with a balcony. It’s nice having visitors.

Last night we enjoyed our favorite first-night dinner at Cagney’s – a favorite because it’s the most expensive but is half-off on the first night. It’s been nice seeing our crew friends again, and they seem happy to have us back. We have a new cruise director, Paul, who seems great; I’m sure we’ll be getting to know him better in the coming weeks.

We just finished up a meeting with Jim to go over the show. We’re making a few changes, including a new blackout we just wrote. Our shows are going to be on Wednesdays from here on out, so we’re using the fact that people have been on the ship for a few days to our advantage. We’re written a follow-up to another blackout earlier in the show, but this one involves the constant offers in the restaurants for fresh ground pepper. Watch for it! Tomorrow night we’ll have out first full rehearsal with Andy, and then Wednesday we’ll spend the day getting him ready for the shows that night.

It feels good to be back. I’ll admit, I lost some cruise momentum when I was home; it was really nice to sleep in my own bed and spend time with Rich and watch my favorite TV shows and all that good stuff. It was hard to imagine, as recently as yesterday morning, coming back for eight more weeks. But now that I’m here and doing what I did before we left, it feels normal again.

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