I take it back…

…There is no KFC on Dominica.

We were in Dominica today, which is a relatively untarnished island, mainly rainforest. There was a crew river tubing excursion offered, which our whole group did. It was really great – a bus took us to a spot on a river and we each had our own tubes and paddles for pushing off rocks or the shore if necessary. It was absolutely beautiful – just green everywhere, and there was even a huge rainbow behind us during the final leg. It was also a great trip because we got to know some of our fellow crew better, especially the other performers. It was nice to be in an environment with new people that wasn’t just standing around and awkwardly talking – now we could awkwardly run into each other in our tubes.

This evening four of us participated in a game show called Liars’ Club in the theatre, which was basically a version of the game Balderdash – where a word is given and one person gives the real definition and the others make them up. Then the audience votes on what they think the real definition is. I did the first show, and I was surprisingly nervous. The panel was 2 Second City people, Colin the Cruise Director, and a woman who supervises sports and athletics. Colin and the other woman had done this a bunch of times, but I think we caught on ok. I do feel pressure to be funny, since that’s why we’re here, but I gotta tell you, everybody here loves Colin so much and he’s such a ham (in a good way), it’s hard to top him. Everyone gets to know him because he’s always at some event, MC’ing, or playing along. It’s a job that takes a ton of energy.

Tomorrow is our last port day before we head back to NY. We’ll be in Torotola, a British Virgin Island, but only for half a day. My plan is to get up early and check it out. Then tomorrow afternoon we hold our first workshop. We don’t really know what to expect, but I have a feeling we’ll get a good turnout, even if some people just want to watch.

As you can tell, there’s always a lot going on here, at least so far. There have been a couple of times I’ve had to force myself to just go back to my cabin and hang out…and I usually just end up falling asleep. I’m sure the pressure to keep busy will subside eventually.

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