In my country, blog posts you!

I’ve neglected to mention some recent Second City visitors. A few weeks ago, Joe Montana and his family were in the audience. They came backstage and while he didn’t play the set, he did sign the football we use in one of our scenes. That football is now in a secret hiding place (Matt’s apartment) and we’re using a new one. The new football is a junior size, which I find much easier to throw. Thanks Joe Montana!

Then last week a gentleman by the name of Matthew Lesko attended, who you may know better as the crazy guy with the question marks on his suit who yells at you about getting money from the government. He didn’t play the set nor did we get to meet him, but he did wear his classier nighttime suit, which was black with yellow question marks.

And finally, the piece de resistance, tonight Yakov Smirnoff watched the show and played our set. This was not a complete surprise; about a month ago, the mainstage and ETC actors got an email from our producer about Mr. Smirnoff wanting to learn improv and that he might be interested in doing some workshops with us. Unfortunately, those workshops were put on hold because he wanted to see a show first and get a feel for what we did. He really did a great job in the set, and hopefully that will make him want to learn more. He was very funny and gracious and even did some callbacks to parts of our show while he was improvising.

So those are my recent brushes with fame. What a country!

  • tara d.


    all three!
    i have a bit-crush on both matthew lesko and yakov, meaning i crush on doing bits about them. they are easy and lovely!

    fun, molly. you’re great.