Inching our way towards home

Hoo boy. It’s been a busy couple of days here, primarily due to getting ready to leave. I got back to the ship Wednesday, dealt with some confusion regarding my sign-on (confusion as in there was no record of me signing back on), and then did our shows that night. The shows went really well, which I was thankful for since my energy was a little iffy after a long day of travel. Thursday we walked around Nassau a bit, and then our producer Beth took us to dinner at Le Bistro, the wonderful French restaurant on board.

We had another itinerary change since the private island is still under repair, but this time we got to stay overnight in Nassau. This was a real treat, since we never get to see places after dark. We went over to Atlantis on Paradise Island and walked around the truly amazing aquarium and played a little in the casino. Then we headed back toward the ship and a bar called Senor Frog’s, which I knew was not my speed when then Booty Shaking Contest began. Without me in it, I mean.

Last night we had probably our best improv show to date, which was nice since it was our last with Joe. It will be weird not having him here, but I think it will also recharge us a bit to have someone new around. Andy, who will be joining us, was in the my touring company for the last 6 months or so that I was there, and he’s great to work with. But it’s been nice getting to know Joe better (for the most part); that’s been one of the best aspects of this experience – there are so many people in the improv community that I’ve known for years, but after essentially living with them for 8 weeks (and eventually 16), we get to know each other on a different level.

Before our show last night, we were lucky enough to grab some of Colin’s time and have dinner with him at Cagney’s steakhouse. He’s leaving tomorrow, but will be back before we sign off in May. I can’t imagine ship life without him, since he’s been such a wonderful presence on the ship, as well as a big supporter of us. Not only is he charismatic and a great showman, he really knows his stuff and keeps so much of this ship running like a well-oiled machine. And I’m not just saying this because he sometimes reads this. But if you are reading this Colin, I just can’t say enough great things about you. We’ll miss you!

This morning we had to start our sign-off procedures, and in a few minutes I will be attending a very special sushi lunch. Joe and Paul had a bet a few days ago regarding how long ago Wolfman Jack died. Paul said it was over ten years ago, and Joe said it was less. Well, Wolfman Jack died 9 years and 8 months ago, so when we go for sushi in a little bit, Paul will have to dine as the late Wolfman Jack himself. This includes all ordering and casual conversation.

This may be my final entry until sign-off. Since I started this as a journal of my cruise experiences, I don’t know if I’ll be writing anything during the 2-week break. If that’s the case, I’ll see you on March 20th!

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