It ain’t factory work

Yesterday was a fun day. John and Jim played a couple of games with us in our improv show, and the late night Liars Club was well received and fun to do. I think part of it was that we had new words and new people, and that we’d had a couple weeks off from it. The panel was me, Brian, Mike the Asst. Cruise Director, and Edge, a comedy juggler who’s been on the ship almost as long as we have. He does a great show and is a fun guy.

I woke up late this morning and then stayed in bed and watched “Blue Crush” on the crew movie channel. I actually like this final sea day; all our work is done and there’s not much going on, so it feels ok to be lazy. Tonight we’re having dinner in Le Bistro from John and Jim’s send off. If I go a week without chocolate fondue, I break out in a rash.

I’ll be signing off tomorrow to do another Sonic shoot in Phoenix, but I’ll be back Wednesday for our shows that night. Now that I’ve gone through the process of signing off and on a couple of times, a lot of the anxiety is gone. I’ll admit, it’s pretty great to be able to say “I have to sign off the cruise ship to go shoot a commercial.”

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