It begins…

My posts may be fairly brief for a bit, at least until we get a little more settled in the new place. But I wanted to report that last night (Weds), we put our first official new scene in the show. It lasted exactly one night, not because it didn’t go well (it did), but because Harriet Miers withdrew from her Supreme Court nomination. Stupid topical comedy.

So tonight (Thurs), we took that scene out and put in another new scene, which went extremely well. The scene involves a preacher and choir…and that’s all I’ll say for now. But it got a huge response and really seemed to increase the energy of the act afterwards (it comes about 1/3 of the way through act I). It looks like we’ll be adding a couple more new scenes for the weekend. So the ball is rolling.

  • tara d.

    fun, molly! proud of you.

    when do you want us to see this show… should we see it mid-work or when it opens? recommend.