I’ve also heard that Christmas is this weekend

48 hours from now the show will be open. Tonight we did our last improv set until New Year’s eve; traditionally there’s no set the night before a show opens nor on opening night, and for the week following we have 2 shows every night because of the busy satire-loving holiday season. For the past week or so we’ve been having true improv sets, as opposed to trying out new scene, so already it felt like things were getting easier.

We spend just about all 4 hours of today’s rehearsal working on a new show closer. We’d been closing with a couple of different songs, both of which are entertaining and are still in the show, but they didn’t really fill the role of a closing number. This one should suit that purpose a little better. We put it straight into the show tonight, and while there were some line screw-ups here and there, I think we did a pretty good job for the first time out. Unfortunately, we only get one more practice show, if you can call it that. But we also have one more day of rehearsal; I think we’ll be in good shape. I will say that it was a delight to watch my castmates (and myself) flounder with lyrics while committing 100% physically to the song. The special award for this goes to Matt Craig, who raised a chair over his head while singing something roughly to this effect “hamma nerbut leemar Mabel onsa tuna fridge.” To be fair, “Mabel” is a legitimate part of that line.

Last night (Monday) I played Match Game along with my director, Ron West. He did great and it was fun to have him on the panel. Next Monday is the big 1-year anniversary show, and I’ll be playing with a great all-star panel. Not that I count myself as an all-star…you know what I mean, right? Jeff Griggs and I will be the “regulars” there to keep it grounded. Keep these big stars in check.

My next transmission will likely be after the show has opened. To those who have come to see it or will see it or have said nice things to me in the past few weeks, thank you. It means a lot to me. And I mean you especially. Seriously, all these other people who read this are jerks. It’s you that I’m really talking to here.

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