Jennifer Aniston love letters to be auctioned

That’s one of the Top Stories on right now. Slow news day.

…but a slightly bigger news day within the Erdmania realm. The stars have aligned, and we will now be going into rehearsals for the next mainstage revue in October. It had been discussed as a possibility shortly after the January start date was announced, and frankly I had been banking on it coming through as it did. I couldn’t wrap my head around January, but October is much more manageable. Even though it means that I’m still not even at the halfway point of doing the current show, but that’s ok now that I know when our process will start.

Tonight (Monday) we did a short benefit performance of some scenes from the show, hosted by the director, Mick Napier. The context was to show various types of scenes (openers, blackouts, monologues, etc.) and how they fit into a Second City revue. The host for the evening was Second City alum George Wendt…just when the celebrity encounters were tapering off. He came backstage before the show started and talked about how different the backstage area looks now, and tried to plan a bit where one of us would call him on his cell phone while he was on stage. It was set to go but was aborted at the last minute when the walkie-talkie of the person on stage before him actually did go off. Bit diffused by reality.

After the show, castmate Matt Craig and I drove down to IO to do Armando, oblivious to the fact that there was a Cubs game. I dropped Matt off, parked literally half a mile away, and made it just in time to do the show. Following the show, four of us from the mainstage cast did Match Game, which was a lot of fun.

For those of you who don’t know who these people are that I spend six nights a week with, you can find out more here:

Enjoy my newscaster headshot while you can; I’m getting new ones next week.

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