Just deserts

Greetings from Phoenix! I’m enjoying some sunshine and 70 degree weather for a couple of days while shooting another Sonic spot. Today we did peach and raspberry iced tea, although I was actually drinking Diet Dr. Pepper the whole time. I occasionally like iced tea, but much like I am with coffee, I’m very particular about how I take it. So it worked well for me that I could opt for another drink. Tomorrow morning we do radio here in Phoenix and then fly home. Pete & TJ, our Sonic cousins, often shoot just before or after us, and this time we were fortunate enough to have them overlap with us a bit. So we went for sushi with them and the ad agency folks, and then Pete, TJ, & I went to Casino Arizona. They go there every time they’re in town, but Brian and I have never gone. Part of that is because I have a terrible time sleeping here and am usually too tired for any post-dinner activities. But last night I came home from dinner, took two Benedryl and was out by 9:30. So – after a half hour nap following today’s shoot – I was ready for action this evening.

I really think I’m allergic to the desert. I mean, literally. I somehow manage to be completely dried out while simultaneously suffering from a runny nose. So that’s part of the reason I can’t sleep here. The other is that at our hotel, the James in Scottsdale, the beds have way too much going on. The beds themselves are ok, but with a super-thick down comforter and half a dozen down pillows, I feel like I’m sleeping in a giant marshmallow. Plus it’s incredibly dry; I wake up and go for a sip of water and end up drinking almost a whole bottle.

So it’s just before midnight and I’ve taken two Benadryl once again, hoping to replicate last night’s successful sleep. We have a relatively late call tomorrow: 9:15 instead of today’s 7:30. I’m currently downloading episodes of The Office (the NBC version) to put on my ipod for the flight home tomorrow. I had a few episodes of The Joe Schmo Show that I watched on the way here – I highly recommend both seasons of it if you haven’t seen it. Anyway, it was great to be able to watch tv shows on my ipod. The future is here, everybody.

  •  Jason Chin

    I love the Joe Schmo show! Are you wathing Season 1 or 2? Believe it or not, Season 2 is EVEN BETTER. It’s amazing.

    Match Game needed you!

    Thanks for the blog!