Kansas City, Chief

Greetings from Kansas City! I’m in the hometown of the ad agency that creates the Sonic commercials for a three-day shoot and radio recording. Tomorrow we’re also doing some PR, being interviewed on the set for a local morning TV show and for the newspaper. And by “on the set” I mean at the Sonic where we’ll be shooting. I’ve been asked why we shoot in different cities when all anyone sees is the Sonic and they all look the same. While I don’t have the definitive answer to that, I do know a couple of factors. Pretty much the default location is Phoenix, because that’s where the production company is based. A lot of things are shot in Phoenix, since the weather is good and it’s cheaper than LA. In the summer, we shoot somewhere cooler since we’re sitting in a minivan with no air conditioning. Last year we shot in Denver, and I think that may be part of the reason we’re in KC now; I hear it’s already 90 in Phoenix. And I’ve also heard that the Sonic corporate office likes to use different restaurants for some subtle differences that probably only they notice – some are newer or have been recently renovated in a more retro style or something like that.

But for now the important thing is that we’re about to go out for our requisite enormous dinner. Probably for steak. But I’m told we’ll get barbecue later in the week.

And the other important thing is that this past Saturday was my mom’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Mom!

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