Kinder, Gentler

It’s hectic times like these that it’s easy to forget about things like one’s paralyzing fear of celebrities. But fortunately I was reminded of it when Richard Kind showed up to play our set tonight. To set this up properly, you should know that tonight’s show was probably the best we’ve had since going into rehearsals for this show, or at least our audience was the best we’d had. I think we ran about 7 minutes longer than usual just because of holding for laughs and applause. Crazy. So then on top of that, a celebrity shows up to play our set. And I’ll tell you, Richard Kind was terrific. He seemed nervous backstage at the prospect of improvising and not doing “old school” sets where we’d get some suggestions from the audience and then go back and plan some ideas. But you’d never know he was nervous from watching him. He was funny and a good improvisor. What more can you ask?

We open a week from tonight. On the one hand I feel like we’re pretty much done, but on the other I feel like we have no time left to polish what we have. Today we talked about coming up with a good closing scene/song to sum things up and put a nice little bow on things. Currently we have a fun musical number to end the show, but it doesn’t really act like a closer because it doesn’t address what the show has been saying. So with any luck we’ll be able to hammer something out in our 4 remaining days of rehearsal. Stay tuned.

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