Kindness of Strangers

We had our shows last night; they went very well, and we’ve received some very nice compliments today. This week’s best so far: “You were in the show last night! You look different in person.” My response, missed because the recipient was headed into the elevator: “I am different in person.”

So we’ve lost our anonymity once again, which has its pros and cons. Today Kevin and I were having lunch out on the pool deck, and a guy who saw the show came up and complimented us and chatted a bit. Then he asked if he could buy us a drink. Never ones to rudely pass at such an offer, Kevin agreed to a beer and I asked for a Diet Coke. A few minutes later the guy came back to our table with 2 plastic helmets (you can buy a plastic helmet of beer at the pool, the promotion being that you buy 5 and get the 6th free.), one of Miller Lite and one of Diet Coke. It was extrememly nice, and we encourage this behavior.

We docked in St. Thomas today. Eager to explore the wilds of the US Virgin Islands, the entire cast disembarked and went to K-Mart. I know, I know.

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