Land Legs

Ok, so I have nothing particularly interesting to report, but I figured I’d wrap all this up by recapping the past 24 hours and the journey back home. We signed off the ship (we being Kevin, Andy, Brian, and myself; Paul and Sue are staying an additional 4 months, if I haven’t already mentioned that), and as we were leaving we ran into the new cast on the gangway. So we got to high-five everyone and do the official boatco tag-out. It was nice to see them and see how excited they were.

We got in a van to take us to La Guardia, and had the unexpected “pleasure” of getting a free tour through Harlem en route. I probably would have enjoyed it more if I hadn’t been so tired, but the driver delightfully mangled various names of people (I love that comedy group “The Kids on the Block,” “I loved Gavin Morris from the early days of Saturday Night Live.”) and repeatedly bemoaned the obesity crisis in America (“There’s another Subway!” “Look, another KFC!”).

We got to the airport, got on our flight, and were informed we’d be waiting on the plane for about an hour. I promply fell asleep. We took off late, but miraculously arrived only 20 minutes late…only to wait 45 minutes for our luggage. As fate would have it though, we ran into our boss, Kelly, at O’Hare; he was on his way to Toronto.

Although I had told myself I wouldn’t, that I would just relax my first night back, I went to watch the Mainstage show last night. I’m glad I did, not only because it eased my mind a bit about the show and starting on Wednesday, but also because it was really great to see people. It made me very excited about being back and about starting my new job.

I slept for 11 hours last night, and now I’m ready to hit the town for some mundane errands and food that I’ve missed. And then maybe a nap later.

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