Lazy, fat musings

Hey America, why not create a salsa jar that’s shallow and wide, so I don’t get salsa all over my hands as soon as it’s halfway empty? Come on, think!

  • Paulie

    I usually find it easiest to get 3 or 4 jars of salsa and dump them all into a big tupperware bowl… Thus facilitating less trips to get more and, if by some freak miracle of nature, I don’t happen to finish it all off in that siting, I can snap a lid on it and save the salsa for breakfast the next day!!

  • Ace

    I concur. That’s what bowls are made for. Sheesh.

  •  Anonymous

    You obviously don’t eat Paul Newman’s salsa– the only guy who makes a sensible salsa jar!

  • Jonathan

    a bowl seems like the logical choice. but that defeats the whole purpose of being lazy and carelessly eating chips y salsa. if you have to use a bowl u have to walk to get one, and then pour the salsa into it, and then at the end of the face-stuffing session, you have to wash the damn thing.

    i usually try to tip the jar until the perfect amount of salsa ends up on the chip. too often, i end up putting that perfect amount of salsa on my pants. :)