Learning can happen anywhere!

Please enjoy the following exchange from today’s shopping trip to Trader Joe’s.

At checkout:

Checker: Kosher Dill Pickles huh? Sounds interesting.
Me: Really? They’re just regular dill pickles.
Checker: I don’t know if I’ve ever had a DILL pickle!
Me: Really?
Checker: Yeah.
Me: Do you just eat sweet pickles?
Checker: I don’t know.
Me: Dill is pretty much the default pickle type. (Seeing his look of confusion at the word “default”) If you order a hamburger and it has pickles on it, those are dill pickles.
Checker: Oh, then I’ve had them.

I like to think I helped our young checker learn something today.

  • Sonic

    Holy cow, that ex husband of yours has a 2nd family and a rap career going:

  • tara

    You’re a good woman. He might have gone his whole life thinking he’d never, not once, had a dill pickle. You should treat yourself tonight, you do gooder you.

  • Max

    That’s very strange he didn’t know about dill pickles, I think he was probably trying to strike a conversation with you. He probably recognized you from somewhere and thought if he engaged you he would remember. Either way, it’s a compliment.