Leave only footprints, take only foot pain

Right now we’re somewhere in the Atlantic, probably parallel with the Carolinas. It’s been an incredibly smooth sea day; I woke up this morning and thought we were in a port because I couldn’t feel us moving at all. This week begins Visitor Month for us. Sue’s brother and sister-in-law are here this week. They were getting settled in their cabin yesterday when the Cruise Director, Paul, made an announcement. Hearing his name, Sue’s sister-in-law, Katie, realized that she went to high school with him. Weird. I’ve often wondered if there would ever be someone on board who randomly knew one of us…this might be as close as we get. In the following weeks, all of us will have a visitor on board: Rich is coming next week, as is Andy’s girlfriend Amy. The following week is Kevin’s guest, and then Brian’s. And then, unbelievably, it will be our final week on board. And it will be an unusual one, since the ship is being chartered for some annual leadership conference. But more on that when the time comes.

Tomorrow we’re in Port Canaveral, where Andy, Kevin, and I will venture out on an excursion to Wet ‘n Wild. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a big water park in Orlando. I haven’t been in a water park in at least 10 years I think. I have fond memories, despite the burning hot ground, long climbs up stairs or hills to get to the slides, and pools that are just slightly too warm. I can’t wait.

A special note to my Dad, Helen, Emily, & Brent: today I was in the gym and heard that “Hands Up” song we always heard at Club Med. I think I still remember the dance.


Just got back from Wet ‘n Wild, which lived up to its name. I did all the slides except the big one that essentially drops stright down; Andy and Kevin did it twice, but their survival still didn’t inspire me. I know my limits. That being said, for the last thing of the day we went to this pond where they had knee boarding (like water skiing but kneeling on a mini-surfboard type thing), and we all tried it. Instead of being pulled by a boat, you’re led around by a cable…it’s hard to explain, I’m afraid. Anyway, Andy made it all the way around the pond. Kevin had a tough first start and then on the do-over made it about 1/4 of the way. I made it exactly half way, meaning I fell off my board at the furthest possible point from the start. I thought I was going to have to swim all the way back – wearing a life vest and a helmet – but an employee on a jet ski came to get me. So I got a fun jet ski ride, if nothing else. We left exhausted and with very sore feet. Not only is the ground hot, but it’s textured to prevent slipping. We never slipped, but I think I’m missing a layer of skin.

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