Life lessons

Thanks to all who have inquired about my health. I’m feeling loads better; I think taking Saturday night off was a huge help. I did suffer one coughing fit in Sunday night’s show, but luckily it was at a point where I was able to sneak offstage, hack with abandon, and enter in the next scene. Convenient!

Monday was my birthday. Rich took me to Fogo de Chao, which is Spanish for “unlimited meat on skewers.” For those of you unfamiliar with this restaurant, waiters roam around with skewers of various cuts of various meats. You’re given a card with a red circle on one side and a green circle on the other. Flipping it to the green side means “I would like some more meat, please, ” and red means “Please, please stop with the meat. Just the smell of it is making me sick, and if you come near me I will have no choice but to kick you in the shin.”

Then that night I went to IO to play in Armando and Match Game, and afterwards we had a nice little birthday gathering. Tonight I had a birthday dinner with my friend Allie, and then yet another birthday celebration after the show. This brings my birthday to a close…at least until this weekend, when my dad and step-mom come to town. I have been given the assignment of coming up with a good birthday restaurant to go to this weekend; any recommendations are welcome. Please keep in mind that if it’s for dinner, it has to be kind of early. Brunch/lunch suggestions are also welcome.

Two weeks from today we go into rehearsals and start writing a new show. There’s a certain energy among the cast right now, I think partially for that reason and partially because all six of us are here and healthy for the first time in over a week. Maribeth will be gone this weekend and I’ll be gone the next, so there really aren’t too many shows left with all of us there; not that we’re going to magically have a new show on October 18th, but theoretically changes could start happening anytime after that.

As I embark upon my 32nd year of life, I offer this bit of wisdom: Costco makes a surprisingly good cake.

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