Make way for melons

A lot of people think that all Gallagher does is smash melons and other food. That is simply not true. I’m too tired to tell my whole Gallagher saga (but I promise I will…or have I told it already?), but he did have this one bit about how you know who’s in charge in a relationship. He said when you’re about to go to sleep and you realize that bathroom light’s on and you get up to turn it off, look back in the bed because that’s who’s in charge.

Why do I mention this bit of observational, non-melon-based comedy? Because I’ve noticed lately that whenever I see another car coming in the opposite direction down a residential street, I am ALWAYS the one who moves to the side so the other car can get by. I mean, literally always.

Which I guess, at least if you map it onto a classic Gallagher bit, means that everyone else is in charge. Which should be a relief, now that I think about it.

  • Nigel

    I live in a beach community where I have to access my home from a narrow alley. I always make the other car move to the side…

    I wish that meant I was in charge. But what I’ve found out is that it usually means I know exactly where I’m going and the other car isn’t sure.

    When I’m in a strange neighborhood, I’m the one who moves…

  •  Anonymous

    It probably just means you are the more caring,
    compassionate person. What does it mean if won’t
    let anyone have cinnasnack icing from Sonic??

  • Becky..AMHW

    I was going to leave this comment on the post above, but it just seemed so misplaced in a way, even if it fits in with “Girls Gone Wild”.

    I’m receiving a lot of hits to my little bloggy from folks searching for you without any clothing on. I get hits looking for me without any clothing on too, but you seem to be in the lead since I posted about you.

    This makes me jealous.

    OK, not really.

    Damned nudie eejits.

  •  Anonymous

    I live near Boston where rudeness is an art form (actually hers it’s “aht fohm”). There’s a road I travel occasionally that’s just wide enough for two cars, but people park on one side. I was driving on the side where people weren’t parked so the other person had to pull over. She yelled a sarcastic “Ya welcome” because I didn’t give her the obligatory wave she was expecting. What were we supposed to do? Have a Mexican standoff? I guess a wave wouldn’t have killed me, but I didn’t think she deserved one.

  • Terrence

    Ahhh… BUT! This is true for soooo many. Myself included. I’m finding, in this my first year here, that Los Angeles is loaded with drivers who don’t really know how to. Drive, that is. In turn, it drives me bonkers.

    By the way, I checked out your blog via Google after having seen your Sonic ads. Just wanted to say that your comic timing is outstanding.

  • http://www.contrivedcognitions.comrel=nofollow Nebuloso

    The nice thing about the realization that you aren’t the one in charge?

    Whenever something goes wrong…it’s not your fault! 😉

  •  Anonymous

    Love your commercial with Sonic! You’re are a beautiful woman!!!