Making the scene

Well, it was quite a weekend. Friday night after our shows I went over to IO to catch up with some friends in town from, namely my former Valhalla teammates Sarah Gee and John Lutz. There had been an all-star Armando earlier that night, which included lots of guests of varying levels of celebrity, as a warm-up for the following evening’s 25th anniversary show at the Chicago Theatre.

Saturday night was the big show, which was chock full of technical problems and started 90 minutes late. I wasn’t there, but word has a tendency to spread in these parts, especially when it involves the misfortune of others. After the mainstage shows, I headed over to the after party with my date for the evening, Brian Gallivan. We mingled among the IO alums who didn’t intimidate us too much, pausing occasionally to say – subtley, without moving our lips – “There’s Mike Myers” or “Tim Meadows, Tim Meadows” or “How did that person get in here?”

Sunday, Rachel Dratch came by again to play our improv set, which made me happy because it must mean that she didn’t have a miserable time when she played Thursday. Not that I thought she would have had a miserable time, but it’s hard to tell when guests are having fun in the set. Also in attendance was Ali Farahnakian, SC alum currently in New York running the PIT Theatre, and Mark Beltzman, SC alum and actor from Seinfeld, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and According to Jim, among others.

After the show Sunday I went out for a drink with some of our guests and castmates, and then headed over to IO to see Dasariski, an improv show featuring Rich Talarico, Craig Cackowski, and Bob Dassie. I had forgotten how hilarious those guys are and how fun it is to watch them play together. It was a great show, but I grabbed my stuff and left immediately afterwards because I was very tired from all the weekend’s excitement, and because Rich was finally home from his ComedySportz tournament in LA.

And to round it all out, last night (Monday) I played Armando (with a few out of town guests), and then there was a roast for Dan Bakkedahl, who is headed to New York to be a correspondent for the Daily Show. I didn’t roast Dan myself, but Joe Canale and I read some touching remarks on behalf of our former cruisemates Sue Salvi and Paul Grondy.

All in all, a tiring but very fun weekend. But the celebs have packed up and gone home, and now we can go back to The Empire Carpet guy being the most famous person in town.

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