Meatloaf would be outraged

Yesterday was a lot of fun. It was our half day in Tortola, most of which I slept through, and then the beginning of our sea days back up to New York. I went to watch some of our group do Liar’s Club for a very tough audience; in the middle of people’s definitions some of the audience would yell, very matter-of-factly, “oh, that’s just not true.” When Paul said that “Futtocks” is the top of your foot, a woman yelled “I know that’s not true, I’m a nurse!” It’s just a game, folks. I’m up in a couple of hours for my turn, and this time Joe is hosting so Mike, the Assistant Cruise Director, can be on the panel.

Speaking of Joe, he did a very charming clown show for the 2-5 year olds in the kids club last night. We all went to watch and take pictures, as if Joe was our own child doing his very first show. I’ll have one posted soon. It was a big hit, and educational too – the kids all learned to say “neutral” when his clown mouth turned out to be neither happy nor sad.

Then we had our improv show, which was the best one yet. Great audience, and a tight show but without too many games crammed in. Then we went to see this week’s ventriloquist, who was terrific.

We all went to the crew bar last night, and since it was Thursday it was karaoke night. In general I haven’t felt the urge to do karaoke on the ship; in the lounge where they have it most nights, the singers are way too much the center of attention, and in the crew bar they’re stuck in a corner by a door almost as an afterthought. But last night we all took the plunge, with some urging from Colin, who sang as well. Colin and I signed up to do “Paradise by the Dashboard Light,” which we thought was hilarious because it’s a 7-minute song. When we got up to sing, however, we were disappointed to discover that they had shortened the song for karaoke purposes. Next time we’ll just have to do the song twice back to back.

This morning Kevin and I taught a workshop, and now I’m off to get ready for Liar’s Club. Hopefully the audience will be a little gentler with us today.

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