Memo #2

I believe a moratorium should be placed on the following bits of comedy fodder:

1. Posters of the kitten in the tree with the “Hang in there” caption.
2. Telling skinny people to eat a sandwich.
3. “Intranet” or “Interweb”

And this last one isn’t so much a comedy note but in general…

4. Anything- “palooza”

Now that I think of it, #2 may not be so comedy-related either, but there you have it. Thank you for your compliance.

  •  gumpish

    Dear Molly,

    “Intranet” is an actual term! It’s used to denote an internal network (typically not accessible to the general public), just like intramural sports are sports played entirely within the same school.

    (The More You Know!)

    “Interweb”, comedic value (or lack thereof) notwithstanding, is still useful within the tech community when one wants to quickly describe someone’s level of technical savvy. So we’ll keep saying it but not to be funny…