Miami Living

Ok, I know my updates have been a little sparse of late, but as the routine of the 7-day cruises sets in, things have become fairly…routine. But today was a little different.

Today we were in Miami. Edge, the juggler/comedian on board, had planned to rent a car to facilitate the purchase of a new printer, and Andy and I decided to join him (upon his invitation). We left the ship around 11am and headed to the airport to get a car. After settling on a mid-size sedan, we got in the car and it wouldn’t start. Perhaps playing up the inconvenience a bit, we were upgraded to a convertible, and we hit the town. And by town I mean various strip malls. But it’s amazing how in a covertible, in Miami, going to two Best Buys and a Home Depot is a lot of fun and even a bit exotic. It was a really good day.

We made it back to the ship around 4:20pm, just in time for our 4:30 tech rehearsal. We worked out a few kinks in the show…and then had two really great shows this evening. The first audience seemed fairly typical for a 7:30 show: appreciative, but not overly excitable. But then we got our first mass standing ovation at the end. It felt great. The second show was also fairly typical for a 9:30 show: louder, more response to individual scenes, but not as big a reaction at the end. But still a terrific crowd and a terrific show. It was a great night because everything felt solid.

It’s now 1:35am; I just got back to my cabin after hanging out at Star Bar and Spinnaker for a little while. Tomorrow we’re at the private island, a day I usually spend poolside since it’s fairly empty. But I got a little too much sun in the convertible today, so I may enjoy some inside time instead.

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