Mid-January resolution

This is the obligatory New Years Resolution post, admittedly a couple of weeks late. I’ve never been big on resolutions, but when I do make them I’ve usually done them on my birthday rather than on January 1st. But this year I made what I believe (or believed) was a very manageable resolution, which is to cook one new thing every week. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just something I’ve never made before.

Why this resolution? Because I realized that one week in December I ate a Trader Joe’s bean and rice burrito for dinner four times.

So I blew it the first week. I didn’t even try. But to be fair I had a friend staying with me and he did all the cooking. Which helped inspire me, by the way.

To make up for this disappointing start, yesterday I made two (2) new food items. One was Olive-Oregano bread. I don’t think I’ve ever made bread at all, so this was really something for me. It turned out great. Then for dinner I made this gnocchi dish with spinach and pine nuts. No, I didn’t make the gnocchi myself. Come on.

I think to keep this going I’ll need to start having people over or just giving out food…or get a whole lot more Gladware.

  • Ted

    The key is to be creative… for example, I made fried guacamole (

    Well, I suppose that could be considered more disturbing than creative.

  • muntzter007

    I’m free next Thursday.

  • Adam875

    I recommend Food & Wine magazine. It's a little snooty-pants, but there's usually at least 2 recipes in each issue (sometimes many more) that I wanna try.

  • http://www.backtothefridge.comrel=nofollow Charlie Hills

    Well, your resolution is “to cook one new thing every week.” Reading this to the letter, I don’t see anything about it being food. You could cook all sorts of things and not break your resolution.

  • Mike

    Hey Molly,
    This is a completely random comment as it has nothing to do with food – I saw your article in D-Magazine courtesy of GHS and wanted to drop you a line and congratulate you on your success! Reading that article caused a bizarre “Red Ryder” flashback that brought a smile to my face.
    All the best,
    Mike Magers

  •  Anonymous

    Molly, Serious Eats is a good place for foodies. It’s a community run by Ed Levine from the NYT, and an occasional Iron Chef judge. No need to make yourself known, they have a free recipes newsletter, self-made videos of guests like Alton Brown, Mario Batali, Anthony Bourdain … and lots of good people just enjoying food and life. Oh, and they like Sonic. 😉

    (sorry, my Blogger login is busted)

  •  Anonymous

    I would just use good, old-fashioned You can search by meal type (entree, side, dessert, etc) and ingredient!

    Woo-effin-hoo for!