Mind Bloggling

Boy, where have I been, huh? I wish I could tell you. I thought that once the show opened I would be greeted with more free time than I knew what to do with, but alas, that hasn’t been the case. And what have I been busy with, you ask? I really don’t know. I’ve been getting a lot of auditions recently, which is great, but a bit of a pain since they take place downtown. So for a 5-minute audition, I have to set aside about 2 hours of my day to get downtown and back. And if I’m done at 4 or later, I’ll end up just staying downtown until I head to Second City…so I’ve ended up killing a lot of time downtown and by that I mean shopping.

Other events of note:

I completely submerged myself in Lake Michigan for the very first time.

I played in the Improv Match Game with the mainstage musical director Ruby.

I performed with Second City all 3 days of Lollapalooza and walked to lunch alongside the Flaming Lips.

I went to Denver overnight for a quick shoot and spent 24 hours feeling a hardened mass of Cheesecake Bites in my stomach.

I met Jeff Garlin and he played our improv set.

I think that covers the highlights. I’ll try to do better and have more updates in the future. Sorreee.

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