Molly’s Week of Reflection

The official-ish site for “The Stalls” is here. Keep and eye out for episode 5!

Many thanks for the birthday wishes. In addition to that momentous, internationally celebrated occasion, this Friday marks my one-year anniversary in Los Angeles. Can you believe that? I can’t.

I have a handful of professional things to show for my year here – a year that was indeed challenging due to the writers’ strike and the impending SAG strike. I’m grateful for and proud of those things. But I am, dare I say, more grateful for the people I’ve personally connected with here in the past year: my new “LA friends” who I didn’t know before, and the Chicago friends who perhaps I didn’t know as well before coming here.

And thanks of course to all of you who read this.

  •  BrunoT

    The Stalls? Did they finally make a show based on the life and times of Senator Larry Craig?

    Actually I can’t wait to start watching. Glad I found out about it.

  • Dave, 'LunaPierCook'

    Ah, they’re only carrying the first two episodes. I wanna know what she looks like!

    A belated Happy Birthday, Ms. Mania, one day after my wife’s. Easy to remember? Maybe … 😉

    I do support SAG and writer’s strikes. The majority of those people don’t make the money they should, especially in comparison to the “heavy hitters”.

  • http://www.bettercomics.comrel=nofollow JE Smith

    I really wish you’d gotten that gig on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER instead of Britney. She was *so* lame (and the stunt-casting was just distracting), and you’d have really made something of that role. My wife and I love the show, and would love to see you on there someday. :-)

  • Bravo12

    Sorry my Phillies beat up on your Dodgers last week.