Morning in Erdmania

I don’t want to spend much more time or energy on recent events here, aside from saying that I appreciate what everyone’s had to say in response. I’m very grateful to those of you who find what I have to say not only interesting enough to read, but also to respond to.

Ok and one other thing. I know what it’s like to post on a board or something and have my comments misinterpreted or reacted to in a way I didn’t expect. When that happens, my instinct is to get mad and write a nasty rebuttal. I don’t think I’ve ever actually done it, or at least not to any really mean extent, but I know that it’s frustrating on both sides of this kind of dialogue, if you can call it that. Point is, stuff happens, let’s move one, and Dwight you’re still welcome here. Being able to disagree and even argue and move on is a skill we’re all pretty terrible at, understandably, but in the end it’s just healthier to put things in perspective and move on.

In response to the person who asked whether I’m still doing Sonic commercials…yes! In fact I’m going to shoot more next week. A couple of months ago we actually shot some on the patio instead of the minivan, but I don’t think any will air as it was more of a test idea. What seemed like a delightful novelty at first – being out in the fresh air, not wearing a seatbelt – soon turned into a real pain-in-the-heyho as street noise, bugs, wind, and curious onlookers became factors. So don’t look for those patio spots anytime soon.

  • Dave, 'LunaPierCook'

    Nicely written! I’m rather glad I didn’t happen on your blog during a “going out of business”, “everything must go” sale! Of course, now I have a hankerin’ for a decent burger …

  •  Bruno

    You might want the feedback, so here it is.

    1. The commercials actually made my wife and I try one of the items being advertised (some ice cream thing, I forget). They’re that effective. Love the commercials.

    2. The ice cream itself…not so much. It gave me flashbacks of the store brand ‘ice milk” my mom used to try to foist off on us as kids. You know, the stuff that tasted a lot like the carton itself.

    Maybe you’ll do a burger commercial soon and I’ll be induced to try one of those.

  • TaterSrader

    Molly, I work for Sonic in the Marketing department and am a huge fan of yours. My wife and I agree that you guys have somewhere wire tapped our car because we act eerily similar to you and Brian. I was watching a commercial you guys have done, Jr. Banana Split, and decided to leave you a post. I hope to be able to meet you someday. Thank you for all that you do for our company.

  • Bravo

    You rock, Molly! Sometimes you just gotta let stuff go, especially when the alternative is to get into an internet debate with a total moron — I mean, stranger. I’m looking forward to more hilarious Sonic commercials. Be good! 😀

  • Jim Payne


    I went to Sonic for lunch today becasue of you! It was really great. I felt like part of a grassroots movement! Thanks for coming back and I’m looking forward to more (Sonic and your thoughts!) JP

  • Qixter


    Glad to see you will continue to post. As we will never probably meet in person it is nice getting to know more of your humor, thought process and personality through your writing. Keep up the good work and I do hope you realize you probably have millions of adoring fans.

  •  Anonymous

    I wish I could see the one again where Molly had gone to New Orleans (?) and Brian said something like, “You never really told me what happened…”

    Maybe you guys could get a DVD release? :)

  •  the other boleyn girl

    Hey Molly,

    Any plans for a video skit w/ you as Sarah Palin? I’d love to watch your take on her.

  • The Adverb Ninja

    Yeah, I’m with the other boleyn girl up there ^^^.

    Honestly, I just want to see you field dress a moose. You can pretend you’re Sarah Palin while you do it, though. That would be cool, too.

  •  Anonymous

    Just discovered your blog…I’m a fan of your Sonic commercials…I laugh every time!

  •  Anonymous

    Same here, I just discovered your blog too. We don’t have Sonic where I live, but I see the commercials a lot on cable tv, and they’re all really funny.

    Lots of luck to you Molly, I hope to see you someday on a big-time tv show.

  • Ace

    Now that the unpleasantness is settled, can we get back to ruminating on toilet paper foam?

  • ray o'hara

    Those sonic ads are funny, you and the guy have chemistry, who is he.
    iespecially like the overcaffinated sugar buzz one.

    as to being nasty, you’re a comedienne so go for it.

  •  William D. Rowlett

    I’m in your native city of Dallas right now and wanted to go to Sonic for a coney. Problem is Hurricane Ike has it pouring rain right now so I’ll just say howdy from your hometown instead. We’re proud of you here even if you did go to Greenhill (I went to a certain snobby boy’s prep school on Preston Rd. near Royal Ln). Take care.

  •  Anonymous

    must say, you’re one beautiful woman, very eye-catching and by reading you blog Intelligent too, you’re a good writer.

  • http://www.backtothefridge.comrel=nofollow Charlie Hills

    To answer ray’s “who is he” question, he is Brian Huskey:

  • [redacted]

    I’m an on-and-off longtime lurker (by longtime, I mean I discovered this when you were still at Second City) who missed the recent stuff due to school and work. Said work is copy editing, and I’ll stake my professional honor on agreeing with you. Grammatical correctness matters, but so does common vernacular. Anyway, now that I’m finally de-lurking: Hi! I think you’re awesome, and I’d miss you in Chicago if I still lived there myself.

  • Becky Eldridge

    hey molly!
    I hope that life is lovely for you right now in general. In specific, what a jag-mo thing for that person to write! I mean, I get the opinion and right to it thing, but come on! Chill out.

    Anyway, I’m an Erdmaniac and please please keep writing.

    Hoping you are well (as in healthy)–wait, is that right? DId I miss the whole point?


  •  Dylan Thomas

    molly I just stumbled upon your site and decided to start reading your opinings. I admittedly didnt go go through every post but in the ones I did read it was hard for me to figure out what exactly your opinions and beliefs are. Could you please post a bio. page explaining a bit about yourself and your beliefs so that people could have a reference on what type of person you are and the convictions you hold. I would love to know more about your background as an actress as well. Thank you for the time.(BTW if I had cast the newest batman movie you would have been my choice for rachel dawes over maggie gyllenhall.)

  •  Anonymous

    Yeah Molly. Why not pull a Susan Sarandon and become despised by about half of the population who don’t agree with you by spouting off on your politics, beliefs, and “convictions”? Better yet, we could turn Sonic commercials into a forum for ferret rights activists!

    Please Dylan. Let us have something in life into which “beliefs and convictions” aren’t injected. Unless you plan on marrying her, does it really matter?

  • Dave, 'LunaPierCook'

    Folks, here’s the thing: I’ve been a blogger myself for a number of years. If someone suggests something for my blog I’ll consider it. But the bottom line is that it’s my choice as to whether or not I include something someone suggested.

    The same goes here. This is Molly’s blog, and no one else’s. What she writes is her choice … again, no one else’s. It doesn’t matter that she’s a public figure. And frankly, the comment area isn’t the place for any debate on this.

    Molly’s choice. No one else’s.

    Molly, I hope you’ve had a great week and that there are some great scenes for us to see later!

  •  Anonymous

    C’mon, Molly. I’ve only discovered your blog recently. Post a leeetle more often.

  • Keystone80435

    Your Sonic commercials are hilarious! Half a banana? Meteorologist? HAHAHA Keep up the good work.