“My Santa costume smells like urine!”

In keeping with last week’s theme, Nicole Parker of MadTV came to our show last night and played our improv set. I had met her before, once in Chicago last summer when she was here doing Second City’s production of Romeo and Juliet, and then again in December when Rich and I went to LA to do some Winston Revue shows. We spent a day at MadTV with pal and former improv classmate Ike Barinholtz, watching the taping from backstage and helping ourselves to the craft services table. We also appear in the “audience” of the celebrity poker sketch in that episode. It’s the Christmas one, where Ike plays Nick Nolte dressed as Santa Claus.

Coincidentally, last night was the last show for Frank Caeti, who’s on the ETC stage. He was just hired by MadTV and will be moving to LA next week I believe. I was able to watch a little bit of his last set, but had to leave before the end to head over to IO for Pie, my improv show with Andy. That show’s been going really well; it’s a fun way to end my work week, if you can call it that.

I’m headed out right now to a sneak preview of “40-Year-Old Virgin,” and then later tonight I’ll head to IO again for Armando and Match Game. Tonight Jack Helbig, the infamous theatre critic from the Reader, will be on the panel. I’m a little nervous to meet him, although I have spoken to him on the phone and he was perfectly nice. We’ll see what happens

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