Name game

I think sometimes I watch the news just in hopes that someone will misspeak. Like just now, on MSNBC, when former Maryland congressman Kweisi Mfume talked about the momentum being gathered by Oback Barama.

  • Curtis

    You’re from Texas so maybe you’ll appreciate the chuckle I got as a teenager growing up in south-central Oklahoma when the local weatherman forecasted “shattered scours” over the area. Sure had me rushing for an umbrella.

  • Becky..Absent Minded Housewife

    Lush Rimbaugh dislikes Oback Barama.

  • keith

    I realize this is a little belated, but I just googled “Sonic Commercial Molly” and found out who you are ’cause I thought you’re cute. Anyway, back on topic…

    A number of years ago I did temp work between jobs; phone surveys. A bunch of us temps were finishing up lunch and I decided to go down to the local Kwik-i-Mart to get some Otis Spunkmeyer cookies (they are some kinda franchise thing). So someone asked me what I was getting, and it came out “Otispeyer Cunksmookies.” I couldn’t stop laughing. I was the only one laughing. They sent me home. They asked me not to come back.