New skills

It’s cold out. A sure sign we’re almost to New York.

Today I went to a demonstration on towel folding. In the passenger cabins, the steward do a turn-down service every night which includes folding your towels into the shape of an animal – turtles, bunnies, lobsters, monkeys, etc. They do the demo on the last full day of every cruise, and I figure if I go every week I’ll be an expert and can be hired out for parties when I get back to Chicago. Please consider me for all your towel folding needs.

Tomorrow is a big day, because Rich is coming to visit for the whole 11-day cruise! I think it’ll be fun for all of us to have someone new around, but hands off everybody.

The seas have been pretty rough for the past 24 hours or so, but it’s amazing how I’ve gotten used to it. My cabin is in the front of the ship, as is the theatre, and that area tends to get the most movement.

Ok, well, now that I’m trying to write stuff, I realize that towel folding is about all I have to report from today. I’ll try to apply what I learned today and take some photos so I can justify my cost when you ask me to come over and fold your towels to look like an elephant.

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