New Video

Here’s another little video I shot with my friend Rebecca. Enjoy!


  • Paulie

    LOL! That was HILARIOUS!! Thank you for sharing! You rock!

  •  Anonymous

    Molly that was wrong on so many levels. I have to ask though… were you MOUNTING the washing machine?!!?!

  •  Anonymous


    Um…perhaps you should find a boyfriend. I don’t think this little short will make it to Sundance.

  • Dave, 'LunaPierCook'

    Wow … shades of the agent in “White Chicks” when he finds the undies.

    Did anonymous call this a “little short” on purpose?? 😉

  • muntzter007

    Not a “little short”, it’s a “brief video” . Will you market this on vhs or BVD ??

  •  marcus brooks

    I noticed you didn’t sniff the crotch or the ass. Very smart.

  • http://www.backtothefridge.comrel=nofollow Charlie Hills

    This cracked me up: the mannerisms, expressions, Rebecca, and “Raisins”. I hope these keep coming.

    In other news, Molly, the Fullbar journey has come to a close. I hope I haven’t forever linked The Erdman and The Fullbar in people’s minds. If you’re curious, you can see how things turned out here:

  • Becky..AMHW

    When my kids or husband ask me to smell their “raisin scented” underpants it’s usually not an exhilarating experience.

    However, I have been known to huff that Downy Cashmere and Silk scent fabric softener. (Downy, I plugged it, send me a damned check already.)