New Year’s Resolution

I’m watching a recently purchased DVD of “Elephant Parts,” a comedy/music/variety special from 1981 created by my favorite Monkee, Michael Nesmith. I had it on tape when I was in junior high or high school, but I haven’t seen it in ages. I had a big Monkees fascination starting in 7th grade, and I still like them quite a bit. I’ve seen three incarnations of their reunion tour, all sadly missing Mr. Nesmith. I was touched this past Monday night at Lori’s last show when Joe, the musical director, put in part of “The Girl I Knew Somewhere” as transition music between scenes. That’s a great song, written by Mike but sung by Mickey Dolenz. But I actually have a version sung by Mike too, so there.

Anyway, I find The Monkees and their later projects of questionable value comforting in times of uncertainty, which is why I’m watching this DVD at 2am. We just found out tonight that instead of going into rehearsals for a new mainstage show in three weeks, we will be waiting until January. That’s right, 2006. It’s disappointing. We were all really gearing up to start writing, probably most of all Matt and myself, who are new to the cast and didn’t create the current show. Don’t get me wrong – it’s still a thrill to perform the show, and it’s an excellent show…but it would be an even bigger thrill to perform my own material, and now that will have to wait. So life goes on, but it makes me sad.

There are several reasons for the delay: the possibilty of some of our cast getting scooped up by SNL, the ETC stage going into rehearsals early in the fall, the holidays, and then you get to January. So what are you going to do.

Well for starters, Andy (of Andy fame) and I are starting a 2-person improv show this Sunday at IO, after my show at Second City. I’m looking forward to it. Please come see it.

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