News that has nothing to do with fire

So, I’m going to be on an episode of According to Jim. I actually had an audition for it last week, but didn’t tell many people about it because I didn’t want to make a big thing of it and then not get it. But I got it. And today I had my first table read on the set. Everyone was very nice and it was very quick – literally just reading the script. I have to hand it to Jim Belushi, he is fiercely loyal to Second City folks. Ian Gomez (also Second City) is also going to be on the episode, which we shoot next week. It will most likely air sometime in December; I think I’ll find out for sure next week.

Week 2 in LA has definitely been better than week 1. I’ve hung out more with friends and seen and done more shows. And of course getting the casting news certainly didn’t hurt. I’m sure life here will continue to have its up and downs, so I’m just trying to enjoy the up right now.

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