News Watch, Day 342,234

Ok, I apologize that this blog has essentially turned into a venue for me to talk about and other news-related items, but they’re supplying me with so much material it would be a shame to ignore it.

First of all, yesterday I actually saw someone wearing a headline t-shirt. I can’t remember exactly what it was, but it had something to do with the recent Bigfoot scandal.

Second, if offered th feature where you could get one headline on the front of your shirt and another on the back, I would do so with these headlines which appear in this order on the site as of 10am PDT today:

Mom Trapped 5 Days Under Wrecked Truck

Help, I’m Turning Into My Mother

Also, clearly the second of these headlines was created in a desperate attempt to sell more of their shirts. Look for future headlines like “What Part of No Don’t You Understand” and “Take Me Drunk, I’m Home!”.

  • twoeightnine

    I think I dated a girl who owned that second future tshirt.

  •  bisquick costanza

    Sounds like Monday nights on Jay Leno.

  • http://www.backtothefridge.comrel=nofollow Charlie Hills

    I think you’re on to something, Mol. I can definitely see them taking what might otherwise be considered actual news and giving them sellable titles. But then again, some you just want to wear:

    “Diddy parks private jet due to gas pains”