No more tired fingers

Our shows went well last night; we had to cut an improv game from the first one to insure we were done in 50 minutes, since there were a lot of events scheduled that evening and we needed to let people out in time to go to the next one. Our second show went as usual, and we did our improv set. It’s nice to see how many people stay for the set, even when given the chance to leave. Then we went to one of our favorite nighttime spots, Pearly Kings pub, for drinks and free popcorn. And then to crew bar where I tried on Colin’s afro wig that he wore for that evening’s 70’s night party. I think it suits me.

Today we are in Port Canaveral, Florida. There’s a shuttle bus that makes stops at all the exciting places (shopping mall, Wal Mart), so we took advantage of that. I made some purchases, the most thrilling of which is a universal remote which I just programmed to work with my TV. The remote that comes in our cabins only has channel up and down buttons, so if you want to jump from channel 3 to 21, you have to press the button 18 times. No more! And it lets me use a sleep timer, too.

So I’m back on the ship now, but we don’t leave until 9pm. Tomorrow we’re in Miami, which I’ve never visited.

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